Tracey Saxby


Justin's pick: I recently enjoyed one of Traceys shows at Jimmy Beans at the lake and I must say this girl has some talent.

She is a seasonal local from Rossland and I must tell you to check out her "Gig's" page and try to get

to one of her shows its worth the trip!



Listen to Tracey's Tunes Click Here


Yeah, she's still got a little sand in her hair from the beaches of her native Australia, but these days this talented singer/songwriter is using her guitar and voice to warm the cooler, greener scenes of the Northern Hemisphere.

To define her music is kinda like trying to describe the taste of a mango...

She'd definitely have breakfast with Po' Girl. She'd ski with Xavier Rudd. Surf with Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and John Butler. She'd spend a Saturday afternoon at the Buena Vista Social Club, and then maybe pub crawl with Radiohead and Morcheeba.

If her time machine was still working, it might drop her in a coffee house in late 60s San Francisco, where she'd smile and jam with whomever was in the neighbourhood.

Her list of active ingredients would include; melody, rhythm, heart, and voice, and a dash of lime.

But you can't really listen to a bio. So keep an eye and an ear out for Tracey this year in the wilds and waves of British Columbia.

Just a girl and her guitar.


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