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This site is in place foremost for Desja Enterprises an up and coming graphic design,seo, and internet marketing firm.

Our main focus is to provide top quality service and get every customer the traffic and customer base they need. Most services out there only provide either design, seo, training, or internet marketing separately. We as a company can do it all for you not many companies have the training or the know how we do and don't even ask about training. We also have a great deal going with the number one hosting provider online 1and1.com We want everyone to have an equal share of the money to be made on the internet that is why we offer top notch short but effective courses one on one for seo and internet marketing.

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Here are a few facts to consider:

-As of Feb of 2007 (old stats) there were a recorded 108,810,358 web sites on the world wide web

-Over 1,000,000,000 people have a connection to the internet in there home

-That is 9 people for every web site out there

-The average life span for a website is 44-75 days

Now think with all those people using the web why do you think so many sites go belly up so quickly? The facts are simple take google, yahoo, or msn for example how many people out there actually get passed (lets be liberal) the first 5 pages? The number is very small. Think to yourself when is the last time you went passed page 5? This is a tough market the problem with most business owners is they get a website and think thats it. Only about 1/3 of the web sites on the internet are actually submitted to search engines. What does this mean? The chances pf some one stumbling on your page goes from 1 in 9, to better-chance-of-getting-struck-by-lightening. Businesses starting out need help and thats why our company is here we offer better then competitive prices and if you already have a site up and running? We offer you the ability to market it on your own by signing up for our online 1 on 1 seo training.

Not a business owner and just want to learn design techniques using macromedia and adobe photoshop? We can teach that too!

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